Webinar: Writing Female Characters with Gabriella Apicella

TypKurs stacjonarny
Data22 maja 2017
Cena45 ZŁ

Webinar start:

May 22, at 8:00 PM Warsaw time, 7:00 PM London time

Writing Female Characters

with Gabriella Apicella


After years of Hollywood maintaining that films with women in leading roles don’t attract audiences, recent evidence shows that not only is that untrue, but these films also make more money at the Box Office!

However, there remain real problems with the majority of depictions of women onscreen, with characterisations conforming to deeply entrenched stereotypes. To learn how to write believable, dynamic, interesting and vital female characters it is necessary to go back to the basics of characterisation and re-think our approaches to these roles. By deeply questioning the motivations of your characters, their actions and behaviours, whilst remaining aware of the implications these may have, it is possible to begin to look at the credibility of the women being created in your script.

This webinar is a whistle-stop tour of some extraordinary and inspiring depictions of women from a variety of films, that are used to analyse what makes a „strong female character”. (Suitable for male and female writers!)


Gabriella Apicella

Freelance screenwriter, module leader on BA Screenwriting at Central Film School London, Visiting Lecturer in Screenwriting on Kingston University’s BA Filmmaking course, and on the MA in Screenwriting at Birkbeck College. Co-Founder of Underwire Festival.