Webinar: Introduction to Suspense with Ian Long

TypKurs stacjonarny
Data15 maja 2017
Cena45 ZŁ

Webinar start:

May 15, at 8:00 PM Warsaw time, 7:00 PM London time

Introduction to Suspense

with Ian Lon

Suspense is all about manipulating information within stories – mainly, revealing and withholding it. But this basic concept covers a lot of ground. The principles of suspense can enrich every form of drama, as well as literary fiction (novels and short stories); and they can be applied in numerous forms, from the extreme to the subtle.

As well as creating unforgettable scenes and sequences, suspense can lead audiences through long narratives such as TV series, keeping viewers glued to the screen for season after season. And it isn’t a static concept; it’s constantly evolving.

This webinar will set out the principles of suspense, showing how playing with information can enrich stories, and will give writers and filmmakers a taste of Ian’s workshops, which include a day-long seminar on suspense.

Ian Long

is a writer, story consultant and script editor. His workshops focus on the psychology and deeper meanings behind genres, inspiring filmmakers to create bold new stories by understanding the attractions of those that have gone before. Ian is currently working with an Oscar-winning animator on a feature project.